Raine Maida – We All Get Lighter

(Warner Music Canada) Our Lady Peace lead vocalist Raine Maida continues to exhibit his lyrical and vocal flexibility with the release of his second solo record, We All Get Lighter. Supported on piano and backing vocals by the missus, Chantel Kreviazuk, Maida flaunts his unique, passionate vocal range with eight intense, melodic compositions that truly demonstrate his creative range. Various artists come to mind when describing Maida’s vocal style; Bryan Ferry, Chris Isaak or even a young Leonard Cohen – you wouldn’t be off the mark to make these comparisons. No question Maida is a unique talent and this collection of tracks spotlights the depths of his creativity. The haunting tempo of tracks like “This is Going To Hurt” and “How To Kill A Man”, the infectious refrain of first single “Montreal” and the record’s only up tempo track “SOS” (should be a single!) all make for a superbly crafted release. Here is a man of many talents married to an equally creative partner in Chantel Kreviazuk.

Suggested Downloads: SOS, Montreal, This Is Going To Hurt.

We All Get Lighter - Raine Maida

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