New Faces – Diggin Roots Open Fire On Hate



Digging Roots has an answer to the gun violence plaguing the world today: more love, more truth, more music. “I think we can use the word ‘epidemic’ when it comes to gun violence in society today,” says Singer ShoShona Kish of DiggingRoots whose powerful and inspirational new video AK-47 calls for an end to violence and oppression through love and understanding.


The new video is available on YouTube and already creating an instant buzz with its catchy psych-blues soul sound and empowering messages of ending the violence paradigm through peace and courage…and good music. The single for AK-47 is included on the song list as track #1.


“The song AK-47 is very personal and emotional for us. Especially in the wake of the recent horrific events in Orlando this last week,” says Raven Kanatakta, one of North America’s finest guitar slingers and the second half of Digging Roots.


Digging Roots is a post-psychedelic-blues group, consisting of husband and wife duo Raven Kanatakta and ShoShona Kish, whose music is a love making blend of roots-rock-reggae & hip-hop-blues. Formed in 2004, the duo released their first album SEEDS in 2006. The album was a nominee for the Aboriginal Album of the Year at the JUNO Awards of 2007. They followed with WE ARE in 2009, which featured collaborations with Tanya Tagaq, DJ Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red and Kinnie Starr, who also co-produced the album. WE ARE won the JUNO Award for Aboriginal Album of the Year in 2010. Their most recent third album, FOR THE LIGHT (included here as tracks #2-13) was also was nominated for a JUNO Award and the single ‘Hwy 17’ was awarded the Cobalt Prize for original blues composition at the Maple Blues Awards in Canada. Digging Roots has toured across Canada, the US, Mexico, Europe and recently performed in Australia with highlight performances at the Sydney Opera House and the famous Bryon Bay Bluesfest.


The video for AK-47 was produced by media artist and musician, Doug Bedard, (Plex) whose vision of the song runs the gamut from technicolor dreamscapes and bursting flowers to benevolent warriors adrift in a landscape of grenades and soldiers. The clip also features Sarain Carson-Fox, who just this week burst onto the Canadian media scene as the host of VICEland’s controversial documentary ‘Cut Off’ following Justin Trudeau’s recent visit to Shoal Lake 40.


As with any epidemic or public health crisis, the appropriate next step is to design an intervention to stop the spread of the disease. With this new song, it’s a metaphoric call to arms by Digging Roots, that intervention has begun and they want everyone to join them in a violence-free world, chanting the AK-47 anthem of “Nizoogide’eNizoogide’e”.


“There’s an Anishinabek word in the chant at the end of the song that distills it all for me,” says ShoShona, “Nizoogide’e”, it means “My heart is a stronghold.” AK-47 is about opening fire on hate, oppression and violence, both lateral and physical. Not with bullets and guns but with the full force of love. Cynics might say that we’re naive but to me it’s the only rational way forward. This song is a proposition that its time to stop oppression and the violence against one another, against ourselves and against the land.”


The song AK-47 will be available for public download on iTunes this July 1. So enjoy the new AK-47 single, crank up the For The Light album, and be sure to share us on your networks or call us for an interview!! ~Peace!


Watch the video:

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