NEIL YOUNG – Live At The Cellar Door

(Warner Music Canada) It’s a given that Neil Young has a studio full of outtakes and unreleased tracks and that he’s committed to launching this material at staggered intervals. As part of his Archive Performance Series, Live At The Cellar Door reflects a six-show appearance at Washington D.C’s Cellar Door venue from November 30th to December 2nd 1970.

Contained on the disc are 14 tracks, performed solo acoustically by Young on both guitar and piano. Noting the date of these performances, Young, at the time, was showcasing new material like `Old Man’ and `Down By The River’ as well as performing `Cinnamon Girl’ on piano instead of guitar. Stripped down, other key Young tracks like `Tell Me Why’, ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ and the seven-minute opus `Flying On The Ground Is Wrong’ reflect Young’s undeniable talent as a storyteller and a performer and it’s great to hear him engaging his audience with some amusing dialogue. I am sure most diehard Young fans will already own the majority of these tracks, yet even the most fanatical fan will recognize the value of releasing such raw performances. The guy is indeed a genius.

Download: `After The Goldrush’, `Cinnamon Girl’

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