MOTHER MOTHER Very Good Bad Thing


By Keith Sharp

There is no disputing the uniqueness of this five-member outfit from Quadra Island British Columbia who combine electronic/dance arrangements with precise vocal harmonies for a strong alternative pop sound and with ace producer Gavin Brown (Metric/The Tragically Hip) behind the console, the band’s fifth studio effort project a very “now” sound.  Led by guitarist/vocalist Ryan Guldemund and his sister Molly Guldemund (vocals/keyboards), Jasmin Parkin (vocals/keyboards), bassist Jeremy Page and drummer Ali Siadat, Mother Mother effectively blend their keyboard and guitar arrangements with infectious vocal harmonies for a set of radio-friendly tracks, the most outstanding being the driving lead single “Get Out Of The Way”, the anthemic “Monkey Tree”and the equally infectious “I Go Hungry”.

Strongly influenced by Brown’s production savvy, Mother Mother  show they can stretch out their arrangements to include the eerie “Have It Out”and the melodic ballad “Alone And Sublime”. For the most part, though it’s the combination of electronic dance arrangements complimented by the band’s defined vocal talents which gives Mother Mother such a defined image, one that has been further enhanced by Brown’s guidance and creativity.

Download: “Get Out Of The Way”, “Monkey Tree”, “I Go Hungry”

[youtube width=”380″ height=”214″ video_id=”Inm0v0WAFaM”]

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