MOIST Glory Under Dangerous Skies


The resurrection of Moist, kick-started by a brief tour at the end of 2013 has come full circle with the release of their first studio record since their “Mercedes 5 And Dime 1999 record, this one titled “Glory Under Dangerous Skies. It’s aBlack Background new look Moist with Frances Fillion taking over the drummer’s seat from band original Paul Wilcox and bassist Jeff Pearce taking a leave of absence from the band, even though he appears on some of the new tracks, to be replaced by Louis Lalancette. With keyboardist Kevin Young becoming a sixth member of the lineup, Moist’s new album is reminiscent of their earlier work with fleshed out mid tempo tracks built around lead singer David Usher’s distinctive vocal delivery and edgy guitar arrangements. Tracks like the lead-off single `Mechanical’, a catchy mid-tempo number in `Broken’ and the melodic ballad, title track aren’t earth-shatteringly innovative yet they are true to their earlier roots and long-suffering fans have been rewarded for their patience with a recording that is reflective of their past strengths. There is no doubt that Canadian classic rock bands are on the rebound and there is enough promise in Glory Under Dangerous Skies to suggest the band’s timing to return to the spotlight might be spot on.

Download: `Broken’, `Glory Under Dangerous Skies’, `Mechanical.

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