6 Foot Ladder
(Quest Records)
A man, his guitar and his iPhone, that’s all Vancouver’s Jim Foster needed to record the 11 tracks featured on his latest minimalistic release 6 Foot Ladder. Foster’s technique of recording songs directly onto his iPhone served him well on his previous release, “A Sailor’s Advice” and works equally well on this collection of bare bones folk and blues tracks. Whether it’s the gospel driven “When You Come into the World”, the folksy “Goin down the Road” or the charming simplicity of the album’s title track, Foster has recognized that you can attain a maximum effect from a minimalist effort. Yes it sounds like a bit of a vanity effort, yet Foster’s none-production, straight-to- track technique, reveals the pure quality of his work and the former frontman for Columbia recording act Fosterchild is an extremely gifted musician. Download: “6 Foot Ladder” “Stunned”

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