Jim Cuddy Announces May 31 Release Date For Countrywide Soul

After an extensive tour in support of their album, Constellation, The Jim Cuddy Band reconvened at Jim’s family farm in Southern Ontario.  Inspired by the band’s live show, Jim wanted to capture this energy on record and showcase each member’s skill, allowing them to stretch out and shine.

Produced by Tim Vesely, Jim Cuddy and Colin Cripps, Countrywide Soul was recorded live on the top floor of Jim’s barn and kept as natural as possible to retain the woody sound of the barn board room and the energy that only comes from playing together live.

Jim Cuddy Band Photo By 2019 Heather Pollock
Jim Cuddy Band Photo By 2019 Heather Pollock

“When we go into the studio to make records, the songs are born out of my imagination and the band contribute their incredible talents to make those ideas come to life.  The songs evolve and become part of our collective imagination,” explains Jim.  “But it is on tour that they really take flight.  We are connected by art.  We are connected by what we create together.  That’s what I wanted to capture on this record.  How much I enjoy listening to the band to reveal their imagination and add their creativity to the songs was really the inspiration.  How vital that is to me.  So as much as this is a musicians’ record, it’s really an example – if you’re lucky – of what bands can create together.”

To achieve his goal on Countrywide Soul, Jim re-worked a number of songs previously recorded for his solo career and with Blue Rodeo.  To round out the record, he wrote two new songs and included a couple of favourite cover songs.

Jim Cuddy Photo By 2019 Heather Pollock
Jim Cuddy Photo By 2019 Heather Pollock

“When choosing songs for the album, I tried to find those in which I could change the mood and tone as in ‘All In Time’ or songs that had been underdeveloped on previous records such as ‘Clearer View’,” says Jim.  “’Almost Persuaded’ was a song Blue Rodeo performed in the early days.  It was a favourite of an old friend of ours, so I recorded this in her honour. </>Countrywide Soul will be released on Friday May 31, 2019. Fans can pre-order the album HERE.  The album’s first single, the original recording “Back Here Again” can be heard HERE.

Countrywide Soul tracklisting:

All In Time (Jim Cuddy – All In Time)

Countrywide Soul (Jim Cuddy – The Light That Guides You Home)

Clearer View (Blue Rodeo – Palace Of Gold)

Everybody Cries (Jim Cuddy – All In Time)

Dragging On (Blue Rodeo – Tremolo)

The Light That Guides You Home (Jim Cuddy – The Light That Guides You Home)

Glorious Day (new song)

Maybe Sometime (Jim Cuddy – The Light That Guides You Home)

Back Here Again (new song)

Almost Persuaded (inspired by the original George Jones recording)

Rhinestone Cowboy (inspired by the original Glen Campbell recording)

Wash Me Down (Jim Cuddy – Skyscraper Soul)

Watch “Back Here Again” – The Story Behind The Song HERE

Watch “Almost Persuaded” – The Story Behind The Song HERE

Watch “The Light That Guides You Home” – The Story Behind The Song HERE

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