Hotel Mira release animated video for “Better On Your Own”

With the early 2020 release of their album Perfectionism, Vancouver’s Hotel Mira have perfected the art of combining upbeat, jovial melodies with a heavy, poignant lyricism that explores the depths of human emotions. Today, the band treats fans to an uplifting tale of resilience with the release of their light-hearted music video for “Better On Your Own.” Matching the buoyant energy of the infectious pop-rock track, the video features bright animation by Callum Scott-Dyson at CSD Videography for Art, Animation and Direction.

It was incredible to find out that such an established and brilliant director was a fan and wanted to work with us. The video tells the story of a young canine astronaut who will stop at nothing to get to her best friend. The band plays more of a HAL 9000 / Cortana / Navi type role in our hero’s journey, guiding her along the perilous adventure. With how sullen the lyrics are, we wanted to have a cute, fun video to match the energy of what’s going on musically. Our hero is a cute, ambitious and brave dog instead of a depressed grown man whining about heartbreak.
– Charlie Kerr

Throughout 2020, Hotel Mira have taken their sound out of the garage and into a considerably lusher landscape. Wrapped up in a polished, pungent, yet untethered and cracked aesthetic, Kerr’s distinctive and appeasing vocals meld with this backdrop to create perfectly punchy and danceable tracks that still maintain Hotel Mira’s distinctive edge which has garnered charting radio attention and over six million collective streams to date.

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