HEDLEY – Wild Life

By Keith Sharp
There are certain songs you hear that just scream `hit record’ Hedley’s `Anything’ is just such a song. The lead-off track from their new Wild Life release is chock full of all the components that make a hit record. Catchy, hooky lyrics, a pop sensibility song set off by a radio friendly arrangement and a fun video to boot that totally spoofs Miley Cyrus.

But what’s more, there’s 10 more songs just like it. Want another radio hit! Just pick any song on this record. From Justin Timberlake inspired dance/pop track `Crazy For You’ to straight pop fodder like `Heaven In Our Headlights’ and `Headphones’, Hedley has their collective finger on the pulse of what is driving present day pop music.

Give lead vocalist Jacob Hoggard and his co-producer Brian Howes credit, their production work on this record is inspired. Combining solid vocals, contemporary lyrics, infectious arrangements and support from a solid group of musicians in guitarist Dave Rosin (his play on `Mexico’ is top-notch), bassist Tom MacDonald and drummer Chris Crippin, Hedley has produced a record crammed full of fun, pop tracks that will dominate radio for months ahead.

The record’s two melodic ballads; `Wild Life’ and `All The Way’ also allow Hoggard to exhibit a serious side which just illuminates the band’s overall quality. Nothing pretentious here, just 11 great pop tracks – enjoy!


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