HEDLEY: Have got hit record science down pat




By Keith Sharp

Six studio albums in and it’s safe to say that the Abbotsford B.C quartet of Jacob Hoggard, Chris Crippin, Tommy Mac and Dave Rusin have got this hit record science down pUntitled-4at. The record production is spot on with current recording trends melding hook-filled lyrics with dance-oriented arrangements in a format that is irresistible to modern day radio formats; they even work a bit of Drake R&B into “Can’t Slow Down”. The album’s lead-off single “Lost In Transition” is a
composite of all of the above elements and will do doubt follow a path already blazed by previous hits like “Anything” and “Invincible”. A potential knock could be that the majority of the record follows along the same heavy studio production, hooky, pop lyrics yet Hoggard succeeds in balancing the release with two of his trademark piano-ballads; “Back To Basic” and “The Knife”, compositions which strip away the studio excess to reveal the band’s true artistic talents. Lyrically, there’s nothing profound here, your basic love won, love lost ideology, yet Hedley has a way of connecting with their audience and this 6th release is just another positive step along the way towards achieving mass appeal. Hoggard is no doubt a prolific song writer and this release comes in two versions, the 11-track basic release plus a 14-track deluxe version for the super fan (which is just about anyone who buys this record). Watch for their mega national tour in April and May 2016.

Download: “Lost In Transition”, “I Will”, “Back To Basics”.

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