More than 10,000 Music Express readers have cast their on-line ballot for the Long & McQuade 2014 Music Express Awards with Rush and The Headstones leading the way with three awards each.

Rush, who claimed three ME awards in 2013, repeated again this year, winning Top Group, Top Live Performance (Arena) and Top Compilation Release for their Clockwork Angels-Live Rock record.


The Headstones made a triumphant return to the Canadian music scene in 2014, releasing Love + Fury record marking their first release in 11 years. Frontman Hugh Dillon, guitarist Trent Carr, bassist Tim White and drummer Dale Harrison were voted Top Record Release for “Love + Fury”, Top Single for `Long Way To Neverland’ and Top Comeback Of The Year.

Top Male Vocalist of The Year honors went to Neil Young who may not have released any new product but has been busy emptying his vaults of past great albums, re-released on CD and he did create a national stir when he embarked on a four-date acoustic tour to spotlight the plight of the Athabaska Chipewyan First Nation who are mounting a legal defence fund to combat moves by the Federal Government to expand mining in their territory and to fight plans to lay pipelines through their territory to direct oil to the B.C coast for export purposes.

Neil Young
Neil Young

A surprise Female Vocalist of The Year winner was Napanee’s Avril Lavigne who flew under the radar amidst all the Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Kate Perry assorted controversies yet still scored with Music Express readers with her 2013 self-titled release which scored major airplay for `Here’s To Never Growing Up’ and duet with new husband, Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger on `Let Me Go’.

The final winner of this year’s awards is Montreal’s April Wine who won Top Live Act (Club) for their tireless national touring exploits.

All winners will receive Apex 515 microphone awards courtesy of Long & McQuade. Music Express thanks all who voted in our 2014 Awards program and invite you to participate again next year.

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  1. Congratulations Headstones!! Well deserved!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

  2. Johnny

    “The final winner of this year’s awards is Montreal’s April Wine who won Top Live Act (Club) for their tireless national touring exploits”

    Too funny considering that they stopped playing clubs several years ago, but maybe Myles needs a new door stopper.

  3. arthur gangell

    Way to go Headstones. You 4 are the bomb and you did it your way. Buffalo loves you.

  4. Mark Essner

    Congrats Headstones! Live act (club) should be yours too….. Anyone who has ever seen you rockneffingroll would agree

  5. ~Ed

    @Johnny – TME selects the nominees, but it’s the fan/reader votes that determine the winners. It looks like Myles’ & April Wine’s fans chimed in big here. They had a pretty solid list of dates in 2013 and it looks like they are doing it again in 2014.

    Thanks for reading and chiming in!

    1. Johnny

      Don’t get me wrong love the band since 1979 and have probably seen them live at least 40 times if not more, my point was that they haven’t played clubs in over 3 years so it seems odd that they were slotted into this category.

  6. […] Headstones! Music Express readers have awarded Headstones with three 2014 Music Express Awards: Top Record Release for Love + Fury, Top Single for Long Way To Neverland and Top Comeback Of The […]

  7. GDN

    Johny, I think we are having trouble understanding what you mean by “don’t play clubs” that has anything to do with non stop touring? What difference does that make?

  8. Johnny

    It is very simple Sherlock, the article clearly states,
    “The final winner of this year’s awards is Montreal’s April Wine who won Top Live Act (Club). ” , my point is that April Wine do not play clubs any more and have not in several years.
    Why wasn’t Rush nominated for best Gospel album??

    1. Darryl Spreen

      I think the issue is around the word “Clubs” the point is Music Express made a differentiation between arena/large concert venues and smaller concert venues. April Wine, according to their listings in fact do play clubs such as The Venue in Peterborough, Sound Academy Toronto, Etc.
      A RUSH gospel album… hmm now that is a good idea!

  9. mary townsend

    For me I think the HEADSTONES should have taken them all. Have only been a Headstone fan since I meet Hugh when he was doing Flashpoint and Durham County.

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