Toronto, ON – JUNE 24, 2016 – Today, Toronto producer, Harrison, announced the release of his debut LP, Checkpoint Titanium, which will arrive September 9th, via Last Gang Records. To coincide with the album, Harrison shares a new single, So Far From Home, featuring Young Guv (Ben Cook of Fucked Up, No Warning, etc.).,  Listen to the track here.

 , “This track was originally a short 30 second snippet. I sent it to Ben Cook (Young Guv) for consideration and he sent me back some buttery vocals the following day.” noted Harrison. “I knew immediately that we had to build and expand on the track to turn it into an album cut. He absolutely nailed it. It’s safe to say that it’s my favorite track on the record.” 


Harrison previously shared two offerings from the album with a couple of stellar collaborations. He first partnered with Clairmont The Second on It’s Okay I Promise, followed by the Ryan Hemsworth feature, Vanilla, which also arrived as a single on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label.

Harrison is regarded as one of the brightest young musicians coming out of Toronto and he means to live up to the hype with his debut LP. The diverse, yet concise album showcases the full range of his potential, talent, and taste. Checkpoint Titanium is available for pre-order via Last Gang Records and iTunes, where you can receive the singles as instant gratification downloads.

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