Grapes of Wrath – High Road

(Aporia Records) The best way to describe Grapes Of Wrath’s first CD release in 22 years is compromise. The biggest point of dissention between the band’s two creative forces; Tom Hooper and Kevin Kane has been their lack of agreement on the band’s musical direction. This has finally been resolved with both Hooper and Kane supplying six tracks each for the band’s comeback release. Of the 12 tracks Hooper’s tend to be more outgoing while Kane’s tend to be more introspective. Combine them together and you have a decent balance of pop rock material. One standout is Hooper’s aggressive `Make It OK’ with it’s almost punk rock progression. He also supplies `Good To See You”, `Picnic’ and `Mexico’ which are three other tracks with radio potential. Kane’s contributions tend to be more low key with `None Too Soon’ being his liveliest effort although `Broken’ and Take The Day’ are effectively melodic tracks. If anything, this collaboration will hopefully keep the peace between two previously warring factors. For Grapes Of Wrath fans – it has been a long wait.

Suggested Downloads: Make It Ok, Mexico, None Too Soon

High Road - The Grapes of Wrath

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