GODDO: The Pretty Bad Boys Return

35th Anniversary Reunion Concert – DVD/CD

Recorded March 28th 2010 at Toronto’s Sound Academy as a segment of a forthcoming Goddo Documentary, “In Goddo We Trust”, this concert DVD/CD demonstrates what all music concert DVD’s should look like. Thanks to John Power and his All ACCESS Productions team, he has captured a superb performance delivered by one of Canada’s classic rock trios in vocalist/bassist Greg Godovitz, lead guitarist Gino Scarpelli and drummer Doug Inglis. The lighting is superb, the camera work is excellent and the audio is pristine – and yes it is Goddo, but anyone viewing this DVD who wasn’t a fan will form a new appreciation for this band.

Godovitz himself is vocally note perfect, Scarpelli shows why he is acknowledged as one of this country’s most proficient lead guitarists and Inglis can still hold down the beat on drums.


Kicking off with `So Walk On’, `Work It Out’ and `Bus Drivin Man’ and running through a set list that is highlighted by tracks like ‘Under My Hat’ (with some great keyboards by Brad Lovett), `Pretty Bad Boy’, `Sweet Thing’ and `Tough Times’, Goddo also utilize former drummer Marty Morin on percussion and Dr John Bjarnason on harmonica during `Quicksand’. Yet the set totally catches fire when, Gino’s son Gene joins the band on stage. Gino is not only a great guitarist in his own right but the visual image of the father and son rocking together sets the stage on fire. If the original Goddo trio reflects the band’s past, the insertion of Gene could represent the band’s future. To watch them rock through `Cock On’, ‘Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip) and `Too Much Carousin’ is a performance highlight.


As an added treat (stick with the credits) there is also a performance by Godovitz’s former Fludd band mate Ed Pilling who delivers a rousing performance of `Cousin Mary’ as a tribute to his late brother Brian Pilling.

All credit to John Power for having the belief in this band to execute and independently produce this terrific concert DVD, all positive signs that the upcoming documentary will be just as entertaining.

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