Diesel and Peas

(Fletcher Records)

At a time when the debate rages as to what actually constitutes a `country music record’, a flame-haired young lady from Hamilton Ontario has released a record that definitely puts the C back in country. Ginger St James and her Grinders is certainly one of the hardest working country acts in this country and her latest opus is a throw-back to vintage fifties `rockabilly’ with just a tweak of modern production. Recorded at Oakville Ontario’s River 16 Studios and produced by her lead guitarist Snowheel Slim, Diesel And Peas is a no holds-barred country rock romp with St James’ distinctive vocals melding perfectly with Snowheel Slim’s vintage guitar work. They are expertly supported by Darrel Lascelles on bass, Peter Sisk on stand-up bass, Greg Brisco on keyboards/piano and Andre Tellier on drums.

1496108_10151888188246705_96475069_oPredominantly rockabilly by nature; tracks like “My Honey”, “Beer Bottle Pockets” and “Salvation” are definite foot-tappers, yet St James also ventures into more mid tempo feel with “Lullaby”, enters Johnny Cash territory on “Country Bumpkin”, gets bluesy with “Lonely Cryin Blues” and even offers up some salacious lyrics on the naughty “Zipper”. All tracks were written By St James other than Brisco’s keyboard instrumental intro and Snowheel Slim’s infectious “Please Mr Driver” and his guitar instrumental “Slim’s Reel” and there’s more than just raw talent on show here. Yes the record is bereft of Nashville studio slickness, but for a basic locally-produced indie effort, Diesel and Peas suggests that Ms. James has major star potential.

Download: “Please Mr. Driver”, “My Honey”, “Lullaby”.


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