DOWN WITH WEBSTER – Party For Your Life

(Universal Music)
Having released three tracks already, `One In A Million’, the title track and more recently `Chills’, Toronto’s own pop rappers, Down With Webster have finally gotten around to releasing their third studio release for Universal Music, issued just in time to coincide with a major Winter/Spring tour. Compare them to the Beastie Boys if you will but what is evident is DWW’s music is good times, infectious stuff, tracks that make for irresistible radio exposure and raucous, fun-filled live performances. Ever since breaking through with `Whoa Is Me’ and `She’s Dope’, the sextet’s brand of pop-rap has found a responsive audience which has even won fans stateside, where Timberland and even Kiss frontman Gene Simmons have been supportive fans.

Party For Your Life sees the band develop a more sophisticated studio sound. With help from top producers, James Robertson and Boi-1da, DWW can rap and rock with the best of them on tracks like `Going Nowhere’ and the title track. Yet it’s their pop-rap songs like `Gravity’ and `Don’t Even Come’ that spotlight a more polished sound and more straight ahead pop songs like `One In A Million’ and `Feel So Alive’ suggest a band making great strides in their song writing and performance development . What is evident is that Messer’s Tyler Ames, Duane (Diggy) Ferris, Pat Gillett, Cameron Hunter Andrew (Marty) Martino and Martin (Bucky) Seja are shaping up to be serious players.

Download: `One In A Million, `Party For Your Life’, `Feel So Alive’

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