Dallas Good’s Space Station 6

81bb2a6d524b17ccc65998043ad330c9.500x500x1X- Los Angeles. I’m kind of a newcomer to X. I’ve been a fan for about fifteen years. When I was younger, I skipped them because they weren’t quite as heavy as the other LA bands I love. Sure, I guess ‘Fire of Love’ by The Gun Club is a bigger influence on me and an all-time favourite record, but I think ‘Los Angeles’ would be good to have under all that sunshine.









Native North America-Vol. I. I’ve already started breaking the rules. This is a fantastic 3 LP set of various artists but it’s a must-have, plus quantity is king on my






SFTRI562The Deadly Snakes- Love Undone. All their records are the best but this record functions as a time capsule for me as well as just being a fantastic record. Sadly, the vinyl pressing sounds awful but I’ll get used to it over the next 6 months.









download (1)Love- Forever Changes. I don’t really need to bring this one because I know it so well but the thought of being somewhere for 6 months without it scares me. It’s lonely here.









7139S9aG9oL._SY355_Jacques Dutronc-The Vogue Years. Seems like a desert island would be a good place to brush up on my French.










R-1165120-1342367516-6034.jpegThe Damned- Damned, Damned, Damned. This was my favourite record from the age of 16 to 20. I was listening to it a lot about 3 years ago and, yep, still perfect. Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll get sick of it after 6 months and then after a few years it’ll be good as new again.








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