Crash Karma – Rock Music Deluxe

(eOne Music) Take one fluid ounce of I Mother Earth, add a dash of Our Lady Peace, a twist of Tea Party and a healthy serving of Zygote, stir but don’t shake and the resulting concoction is Canadian super group, Crash Karma.

Now releasing their second record, Rock Music Deluxe, the quartet of former I Mother Earth lead vocalist Edwin, ex Our Lady Peace lead guitarist Mike Turner, former Tea Party drummer Jeff Burrows and ex Zygote bassist and chief songwriter Amir Epstein have forged their collective talents together to release a monster rock record. Under the expert guidance of veteran producer Terry Brown (who lists Rush and Max Webster as his credits), Crash Karma have released an album reflective of ole school Eighties power rock. Burrows’ crunching percussive drive propelling Epstein’s tight bass work, Turner’s sonic guitar solos and Edwin’s distinctive vocals all add up to one solid release. Just check out the band’s lead single `Tomorrow’, I can’t recall a single that hit me with such magnetism since Collective Soul released `Shine’.

The rest of this release is equally impressive with even the slower, more melodic tracks like `When You’re Gone’ and `Man On Trial’ balanced between controlled vocals and powerful guitar arrangements. It’s the control aspect that is key to this record. Yes there’s power-driven rock guitar solos but they always compliment the arrangements rather than over-power the tracks. And Edwin’s lead vocals are masterful; he’s finally found the right environment for his voice.

Their self-titled debut may have been the first effort to blend four distinctive styles from four distinctive groups, but with Rock Music Deluxe, this sonic mixture has been achieved. If Crash Karma can pull this record off live on stage – Canada may be witnessing the birth of a true super group.

Suggested Downloads: Tomorrow, Everything, What Ever Happened?

Rock Musique Deluxe (Special Edition) - Crash Karma

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