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Classic Canadian rock and pop music is currently enjoying a renaissance. Partially fuelled by the persistence of mainstream FM radio to continually recycling AOR hits songs from the 70’s and 80’s, this exposure has encouraged the majority of those classic rock acts to continue performing. However many of these bands have been impeded by previous records being tied up in litigation which means many classic tracks were never released on compact disc.

But thanks to Geoff Kulawick’s Burlington Ontario based Solid Gold/Linus Records Company; many of these records are now available. Having acquired the True North Records catalogue from Bernie Finklestein, Kulawick then obtained the Solid Gold Records catalogue and has just now pulled Mushroom Records into his stable.

This means that records by Chilliwack and Jerry Doucette that were released on the Mushroom label in the late 70’s and early 80’s are now available to the public.

To further promote these titles’ Solid Gold/Linus has just released two compilation CD’s; Classic Canadian Rock and Classic Canadian Pop featuring artists from its catalogue along with a few surprise insertions.


Canadian Classic Rock features 10 tracks including Doucette’s `Mama Let Him Play’, Max Webster’s ‘Paradise Skies’, Chilliwack’s `Fly At Night’, Rush’s `Closer To The Heart’, Barney Bentall’s `Something To Live For’, Bruce Cockburn’s `If I Had A Rocket Launcher’, Gowan’s ‘Criminal Mind’, Toronto’s `Your Daddy Should Know’, Coney Hatch’s `Monkey Bars’ and The Headpins’ ‘Don’t It MakeYa Feel’.

Tracks on the Canadian Classic Pop Cd include; Chillwack’s `My Girl’, Rough Trade’s `High School Confidential’, Gowan’s `Cosmetics’, Bruce Cockburn’s `Wondering Where The Lions Are’, Sattalites’ `Gimme Some Kinda Sign’, Men’s Room’s `Sign Of The Times’, Toronto’s `Ready To Make Up’, Pukka Orchestra’s `Listen To The Radio’, Ashley MacIssac’s `Sleepy Maggie’ and Downchild’s `Flip Flop And Fly’

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– Keith Sharp

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