Champniss Suffers Major Relapse

Former MuchMusic vee-jay, Kim Clarke Champniss has suffered a major health setback after the return of a throat-cancer problem has resulted in radical surgery to remove an egg-shaped tumour from his voice box.

Communicating via his Facebook, Champniss has confirmed that the surgery, performed at Toronto General Hospital will result in the permanent loss of his voice and that a voice prosthesis will be eventually inserted so he can talk via a hoarse whisper.

Kim Clarke Champniss at Maxwells in Waterloo, Ontario
Shown is The Box, Kim Clarke Champniss Hosted this Music Retro Night at Maxwell’s in Waterloo, Ontario

Clarke-Champniss had hosted the Music Express Retro Night last November at Maxwell’s in Kitchener which featured The Box and Images In Vogue, a band he formerly managed and was set to dee-jay at a series of shows this spring and summer. Here’s hoping that Kim will be able to bounce back and fulfill these commitments.

By Keith Sharp

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