Celebrated Hip Hop Artist Classified Shares “Off The Beat ‘N Path’ – An Uncensored Autobiography

I have been writing songs about my life since I was 15 years old, but I couldn’t find a way to put some stories into a song, so I did the next best thing – I wrote a book! I’m excited to finally share and get my story out into the world. Talking about my childhood, my family, the rise in my career, stories about the people I’ve met, life on tour and the heroes I’ve crossed paths with. I think my story as a hip-hop artist from the east coast of Canada is a unique one and I’m excited to share it… Off the Beat ‘N Path.” – Classified
Celebrated hip-hop artist, songwriter and producer Classified has always marched to the beat of his own drum – building his own path. Today the award-winning rapper and now author shares his candid autobiography “Off The Beat ‘N Path” via MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.
Chronicling his rise from a middle-class family in rural Nova Scotia to become one of the most influential and authentic voices of hip-hop music and one of the premier rap artists of his generation, Classified defies the industry expectation that you must live in Los Angeles, New York City or Toronto to make it as a rap artist and he does it his way – Off The Beat ‘N Path.
Evoking a deep sense of hard work, honesty, connection, and compassion, “Off The Beat ‘N Path” gives readers and fans an uncensored look at the life of Luke Boyd (aka Classified) – a window into his remarkable intellect and prodigious dedication as he forges a path towards turning his biggest dreams into a reality against all odds.
“I think I was born with it. The work ethic, the drive to spend my life doing what I love. Making beats, writing rhymes, and performing my music. Dedicating yourself to something you want is hard, but for me it was all I had.” – Classified

Off The Beat ‘N Path” is available now at select retailers or visit

“I find it inspiring to watch Classified’s evolution from MC to a producer to a father to a national treasure.” – Maestro Fresh Wes, Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop
“Classified is a full-class individual – talented, funny, speaks his mind, everything you hope to encounter in an artist you have heard and liked. Can’t wait to read the full origin story and, of course, can’t wait for what comes next.” – Jim Cuddy, Blue Rodeo
“Class is unquestionably one of our all-time greats.  At this point, he is among the finest Canadian producers and songwriters PERIOD.” – SHAD, rapper, broadcaster and host of Hip-Hop Evolution on HBO and Netflix.
“Luke is one of the most committed and creative musicians I know, and his sense of home resonates through everything he does.” – Joel Plaskett, JUNO Award-winning singer/songwriter.
“I want to thank hip hop. I know that sounds corny, but without hip-hop I don’t think I would have realized how big this world is and how different it can be looking beyond my small town. Hip-hop has built a home for my kids, it’s put clothes on their backs and has allowed me to take them around the world and show them how big it is, to show them how people are different and at the same time very similar. Thank you.” – Classified

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