Celebrate It Together: The Very Best of Howard Jones upcoming release celebrated with Canadian dates

Photo: Simon Fowler 

In celebration of his 40-year career, Cherry Red Records will soon release CELEBRATE IT TOGETHER: THE VERY BEST OF HOWARD JONES 1983-2023. Due out on October 6th, the very special compilation will be available in three different formats: 4CD, 2LP or 2CD. 

This is the first anthology that looks at his entire catalogue, from the original version of “New Song,” all the way to a 2023 Elephant Talk remix of it that recasts it within a modern electronica context. It includes songs from his classic Warner-era catalogue, as well as work from his independent Dtox label and features the comprehensive collection of hit singles, remixes, key album tracks, live versions and alternative recordings.

For CELEBRATE IT TOGETHER, Jones personally chose to group the songs into four categories: “Popular Hits,” “Electro,” “Chill,” and “Curiosities.” He wanted to elevate this selection of songs beyond the typical chronological approach and create themes that mix and match different pieces from different eras, with the overall listening experience top of mind. 

The deluxe 4CD box set version contains 64 remastered tracks and includes 4 previously unreleased tracks and a further 6 tracks previously unreleased on CD. Please see below for the respective CD track listings. To access cover art, please click here

Howard Jones just wrapped a wildly-successful summer tour of North America as main support for Culture Club on The Letting It Go Show shed trek. Berlin rounded off the bill. Of Jones’ set, USA Today declared him to be “personable and gracious…in fine form”, dubbing him the “genial keyboard wizard”. Later this month, Howard Jones will headline a short run of dates in Canada before heading to Japan and the UK to continue his 40th anniversary shows. Please see below for the Canadian itinerary.

Howard Jones has been a constant presence on the international touring scene for the past four decades, playing live in a number of configurations including intimate solo shows and dates with his full high-tech band set-up. He first burst upon the contemporary music scene in 1983, with his very English songwriting and pioneering synthesizers with “New Song”. His first two albums, HUMAN’S LIB and DREAM INTO ACTION, were worldwide hits. HUMAN’S LIB reached #1 in the UK and featured the hits “New Song” and “What Is Love?” 

In 1985, Jones released the follow-up, DREAM INTO ACTION, which quickly became a Top Ten platinum album in the United States and featured the hits “Things Can Only Get Better,” “Life In One Day,” “No One Is To Blame” and “Like To Get To Know You Well”.

Howard Jones has sold upwards of 10 million albums worldwide and continues to make new music and tour the world. Jones has recently performed on NBC’s top-rated morning and nighttime shows respectively, The Today Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. His ubiquitous hits can be heard in such high-profile television series and films such as “Stranger Things,” “Breaking Bad,” “Watchmen,” “The Carrie Diaries,” “Superstore” and “Bumblebee”.


CD1: Popular Hits

  1. Things Can Only Get Better
  2. Like To Get To Know You well
  3. Life In One Day
  4. Look Mama
  5. All I Want
  6. Everlasting Love
  7. New Song
  8. What Is Love? [Single Version]
  9. Pearl In The Shell
  10. Bounce Right Back
  11. You Know I Love You..Don’t You?
  12. Always Asking Questions
  13. Lift Me Up
  14. Tomorrow is Now
  15. The Prisoner
  16. Just Look At You Now
  17. Celebrate It Together (Lifelike Radio Edit)**

CD2: Electro

  1. Celebrate It Together (Lifelike Extended Club Mix)**
  2. The One To Love You (Howard Jones & BT – Lifelike UK Radio Remix)
  3. The Human Touch
  4. Eagle Will Fly Again
  5. Stay with Me (Album Version)
  6. Revolution Of The Heart (Album Version)
  7. Powerhouse
  8. Specialty
  9. Who You Really Want To Be
  10. New Song (2023 Elephant Talk Remix)*
  11. You’re The Buddha
  12. The Prisoner 2011
  13. Look Mama (Megamamamix)
  14. Conditioning (Peaceful Tour Live)
  15. Things Can Only Get Better (Cedric Gervais ft Howard Jones) (Radio Edit)

CD3: Chill

  1. No One is to blame (Single Mix)
  2. If You Love
  3. City Song
  4. Not One Of The Lonely Tonight
  5. Hide And Seek (Single Version)
  6. Sleep My Angel
  7. Soon You’ll Go
  8. Someone You Need
  9. One Last Try
  10. Formed By The Stars
  11. Don’t Always Look At The Rain
  12. Will You Still Be There?
  13. Tears To Tell
  14. Blue
  15. Back In Your Life Again
  16. At The Speed Of Love (Howard Jones & BT)

CD4: Curiosities

  1. Overture 2*
  2. Angels And Lovers (Single Mix)
  3. Road to Cairo
  4. Lazarus (Live at Siyan)
  5. Hide and Seek (Perform Version)
  6. Things Can Only Get Better (Simlish Version)*
  7. Cookin’ In The Kitchen
  8. I.G.Y. (International Geophysical Year (Single Mix)
  9. When Lovers Confess
  10. Stay With Me (We’re In This Together) (Alternative Recording)*
  11. I Don’t Hate You**
  12. Collective Heartbeat (Havana Version)**
  13. Let The People Have Their Say (Original Version)
  14. You Know I Love You..Don’t You? (Video Mix)**
  15. Pearl In The Shell (Live in Hamburg)**
  16. New Song (Peaceful Tour Live)

Howard Jones Canadian tour dates:

9/26 – Saint Catherine’s, ON – First Ontario Performing Arts Centre

9/27 – Oakville, ON – Oakville Centre For The Performing Arts

9/28 – Richmond Hill, ON – Richmond Hill Centre For The Performing Arts

9/29 Kingston, ON – Kingston Grand Theatre

10/1 Brantford, ON Sanderson Theatre

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