Caught In A Dream – Day 7 – Snakes! Slither into London

As I sit at Heathrow awash in the throes of emotions of the past seven days… or 46 years… take your pick. MY band simply does not disappoint. Herewith my final instalment to my tour diary.
Yesterday, my tour companions, Chris Penn and Patrick Brzezinski and I (aka “the 3 Amigos“) assisted Dennis and Cindy Dunaway with Dennis’ in-store book-signing at Crypt of the Wizard.
“Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! – My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group” 
         has now been released by Omni Press in paperback in the U.K.


The in-store book-signing event was tremendous success – live streamed and the cozy confines of the Crypt had Dennis’ fans lined up down the street and then snaking through the store. The mood was great as strangers with a common love got to know each other and share their personal tales that only enriches the legend – a recently discovered 2-minute European tv interview, a long lost Spiders acetate and the Live From The Astroturf” disc-shaped shortbread provided nourishment and fuelled the discussion about  Alice Cooper’s most elusive edible promo item – the “Love It To Death” fortune cookies. But all visitors to the Crypt were lucky on this day.
Dennis and Cindy are every fans’ dream personalities – engaging, giving of their time and offering up insider views – all make up the mutual admiration that has naturally developed with each book-signing. Dennis’ book has become the arbiter in the debates that involve legend, tales and foggy recollections. Smiles abound.


The day, and indeed the entire frenetic week, ended as it should – great friends for life from all over the world, initially joined together by a passion for all things Alice Cooper, but which now is but one common bond. Relationships such as these sustain and support us.
In closing, the U.K. and the wonderful local venues, staff and fans were simply the best. Live music is alive and well… go out and support your local venues with live music… when you do so, you support “music” and its creativity.
Was the U.K. reunion shows of the legendary, Hall of Fame Alice Cooper group just some lucky foresight by a daring promoter? Five consecutive shows (four of which were on weeknights) in November weather and competing with Christmas budgeting, did not deter the near capacity attendance each night. So I will close with an open appeal to North American promoters and worldwide fans: 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary Alice Cooper group – a Hall of Fame group with a set list of chart-topping hits and a stage show that simply is the “gold standard”. Promote the Alice Cooper group attendance in your venues and you will experience what has been evident in the U.K. this past week – unqualified success.
To paraphrase a certain U.K. musician… it is time that OUR band – the legendary Alice Cooper group get back to America and on behalf of myself and the worldwide fans who surely will attend, I’d like to think the five shows in U.K. passed the audition.
I remain caught in a dream.

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