Caught In A Dream – Day 5 – We Are Manchester!

Caught In A Dream – Day 5 – We Are Manchester!

I think my wife spoke with some trepidation when she learned that Manchester was one of the Alice Cooper group’s tour stops. I reminded her that a common rebuttal to terrorism is not to change our ways… and with 2000 concerts behind me and the five most important ones in front of me, I was not going to miss these. Of course it was the United Kingdom that coined the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On.” during WW II. And so when we arrived at the Manchester Arena we were greeted by its own slogan: Welcome Arena Manchester. #WeAreManchester

Well tonight in that same Manchester Arena that suffered recent tragedy, the Alice Cooper group and a near capacity crowd responded… “Keep Calm and ROCK On!”
This was the fourth tour stop in five nights and the consensus is that these guys have gotten better each night. There is a fluidity in their movements and a familiarity in their gestures that belies the fact that they have had little rehearsal time and save for some one-off events, they have not performed live together with regularity since 1974.DSC00216
You remember 1974 don’t you?… that was the year the Alice Cooper group had its last single release – “Muscle of Love”. The group included this gem in the set list tonight and while those classic licks and lyrics remained, the guys amp’d it up with an extended instrumental section which had Alice join in on maracas. And that raved-up ending with the signature riff coming to what always feels like a premature and abrupt hard stop… always gets me.
I am going to end this instalment short (big day tomorrow – gotta get some rest) but wanted you to know that legions of Alice Cooper fans, both local and many who had traveled in from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States not only experienced a fantastic Hall of Fame performance but also demonstrated resolve that we all stand with Manchester.


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3 thoughts on “Caught In A Dream – Day 5 – We Are Manchester!

  1. Mike Dillon

    Seeing Muscle Of Love performed by the original band made me tear up just watching it on my PC. I can only imagine seeing it live. i know tears would be rolling down my face if I was there watching it live. PLEASE. PLEASE carry on with more shows with the originals in the U.S.A throughout 2018. Us longtime fans needs that fix in life again! Brings back precious memories!!!!!

  2. Bob Hardman

    Thanks for these posts…I just couldn’t make it for these shows and reading about it and “seeing” it through your eyes and words has been exceptional. Thanks again!!!

  3. Weaver

    Wow! The crowds are huge.. Of course each night the OG’ gets better and better. Just like a fine tuned ⚾️ team.
    But I digress .. . Let’ now bring it back home to the States!

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