Bruce Cockburn Announces 50th Anniversary Shows

Is it really fifty years ago that Bruce Cockburn’s first album came out?

Indeed, it is. His eponymous titled album which included “Going To The Country” and “Musical Friends” was released on April 7, 1970.  Coincidently it was also the first album released by True North records. TN 1 was its catalogue number.

Although mostly recorded in late 1969 the first album hit the stores and airwaves in 1970 and started the long, long journey that continues to this day.

Here’s what Bruce has to say:

“In 1969, when I was feeling the need to record an album of the songs I’d been writing, I had no concept of what that might lead to. Not unusual for a young person, I guess. In some organic way, it felt like it was time. The future wasn’t really an issue. It still isn’t. For each of us, there’s a future or there isn’t.” 

“But looking back over the arc of fifty years of recording, performing, and travel, not to mention relationships and personal challenges, I can only shake my head and mutter a word of thanks for all of it. Even if I’d been a planner by nature, I doubt I could have predicted how things have gone. And they’re still going!”

Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Cockburn

Bruce has now released 34 albums and played thousands of concerts around the world, something that he continues to do to this day.

APR        10                                            STANFORD CA                                  BING CONCERT HALL

APR        30                                            NORTHAMPTON MA                     ACADEMY OF MUSIC

MAY         1                                            BOSTON MA                                     WILBUR THEATRE

MAY         2                                            BOOTHBAY HARBOR ME              FLYING MONKEY CENTRE

MAY         3                                            PLYMOUTH NH                                BAILEY THEATRE

MAY         5                                            BURLINGTON VT                             HIGHER GROUND

MAY         7                                            FAIRFIELD CT                                     STAGE ONE

MAY         8                                            FALL RIVER MA                                NARROW CENTER

MAY         9                                            NEWTON NJ                                      NEWTON THEATRE

MAY        11                                          ANNAPOLIS MD                              RAM’S HEAD

MAY        12                                          ROCKY MOUNT VA                         HARVESTER CENTER

MAY        14                                          RALEIGH NC                                      FLETCHER OPERA HOUSE

MAY        15                                          CHARLOTTE NC                                McGLOHON THEATRE

MAY        16                                          CHATTANOOGA TN                        SONGBIRD

MAY        17                                          ATLANTA GA                                     CITY WINERY

MAY        20                                          PONTE VEDRA FL                             CONCERT HALL

MAY        21                                          CLEARWATER FL                              CAPITOL THEATRE

MAY        22                                          FT. LAUDERDALE FL                        BROWARD CENTER

MAY        24                                          KEY WEST FL                                     KEY WEST THEATRE

SEP          4                                             TORONTO ON                                   CNE BANDSHELL

OCT        16                                            PETERBOROUGH ON                     SHOWPLACE

OCT        17                                            OTTAWA ON                                     NATIONAL ARTS CENTRE

OCT        18                                            BELLEVILLE ON                                 EMPIRE THEATRE

OCT        20                                            KINGSTON ON                                 ISABEL BADER CENTRE

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