Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion, a musical collective of long-time music friends and peers including Mitch Merrett, Corbett Frasz, Erik Dylan, Greg Carroll, Mike Little, plus special guest Clayton Bellamy (The Road Hammers) and more, is pleased to announce the release of their debut single “Holy Smoke”, available digitally today via MDM Recordings Inc./Universal Music Canada. Banding together over their love of music, history, motorcycles tattoos and more, the group decided to collaborate and release a track that pays homage to the music they grew up on, combining their multi-faceted musicianship with timeless storytelling.
Stemming from a fascination surrounding the history of the North American moonshiner and a love of Southern power chord guitar, “Holy Smoke” encompasses the feel of a fictional smoky backwoods musical tale; soulful and brooding, complete with lyrics abundant in grit and an uncompromised musical delivery.
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With multiple years of touring, studio time and live performances and numerous Gold-certified singles, song writing credits and industry awards, the members of BMWR have come together to deliver an unpredictable and electrifying song with “Holy Smoke”, lighting up the airwaves with the indulgent yet timeless sound that is the Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion.
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