Betty Moon Rising

If persistence and tenacity are traits that defined success in the recording industry, Toronto ex pat Betty Moon should be recognized as a bona fide superstar.


Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2010, Moon has defined and redefined her musical style, evolving from the rock guitar slinger who caught the attention of key Los Angeles radio station KROQ with her high-powered `Rollin Revolution’ release to her current CHROME recording which boasts a distinctive Electro Dance flavor.


Make no mistake, Betty Moon certainly knows how to rock out and proved it by playing with the big boys; Quiet Riot, The Offspring and even Marilyn Manson when she first arrived in L.A . Betty performed at the city’s key rock clubs The Roxy, Whiskey A Go Go, The Key Club, The House of Blues, The Troubadour and The Viper Room.

Working with the likes of top engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, James Brown and U2) and top session players like drummer Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins), Moon has gone the independent route, forming her own record company Evolver Music as an outlet to record `Rollin’ Revolution’, the 2014 `Amourphous’ and 2015 `Pantomania’, each album becoming more sophisticated as Moon’s writing and production talents progressed.

Betty Moon promo 2017 photo8“I have been surrounded by some amazing guitar players, and have been playing guitar myself for over fifteen years, so it was difficult for me to transition away from recording rock records to focus on a more dance pop direction with very little guitar in the forefront,” Moon admitted. “It was certainly a challenge to move into this new direction but the commitment had been made for this record, and my vocal sensibility seems to fit this new style of songwriting well.”

Even though CHROME has yet to be released, Moon’s new opus is attracting plenty of media attention from the press and radio, fuelling the notion that she is on her merry way to the stardom she most likely deserves.

“I am trying to break through to a much larger audience with this record. It’s the end result of working progressively in the studio while exploring a multitude of recording techniques. Each record I have made has picked up more and more of a fan base and I am happy that our music is now appealing to a much larger audience,” enthused Moon.”

On the phone to promote her latest recording, Moon claims she comes by those EDM influences honestly and that the dance-pop styling of CHROME is the result of a natural evolution which first started many moons ago in Toronto with her initial band Bambi (but inspired by her and her new bands current influences).


“The idea behind CHROME was to project a beautiful, destructive and sexy concept of what life can be like when there is nothing holding you back. The drama, success and passion for music all comes together with my new album. Each song was pieced together to tell a story that is bigger than you could imagine. I’m not reaching for stardom. I just want people to hear, play and enjoy the music and get a little recognition for contributing goodness into the universe.”


Put together as a concept record, Moon carefully spent the last year crafting songs that capture the story of her new life in Hollywood after relocating from Toronto. Moon is known for her fearless approach to creativity and the ability to stay ahead of music trends that keeps her sound fresh and exciting. CHROME is the follow-up to her critically praised 2016 release Pantomania, and was produced by Betty Moon and members of her band. Her last 4 albums have been released by Moon’s label and production company Evolver, which is a Hollywood based company  that produces music for film and television. Before launching Evolver, she had released albums on both A&M Records and EMI Music in Canada.


Having accumulated a substantial catalogue, Evolver Music has been successful placing tracks in prime television shows like “Californication”, “Dexter” and “The Walking Dead” and movies such as Robert Patrick’s “Last Gasp”, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “The Hills”.


“I am also looking forward to taking my band out on the road,” Moon informed. “And planning to do shows in the U.S and possibly tour some Canadian territory this summer.”


The 12 tracks on CHROME are probably as accessible as anything Moon has released in the past with “Sound”, “Demolate”, “Crazy I Am”, “Parachute” and in particular “Bullet To The Brain” being particularly infectious.

Betty Moon has just completed the first music video for her new single. “Sound” which stars Kato Kaelin and Marty Klebba from Pirates of the Carribean. The full album CHROME is scheduled for release later in 2017.



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