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When music industry insiders talk about Country Music being the new pop, its bands like Autumn Hill they are focusing on. Since debuting with `Favourite Mistake’ in 2012, the duet of Calgary’s Tareya Green and Toronto’s Mike Robbins have cultivated a strong Country Music cross-over sound and the success they have attained with this direction is pronounced with the arrival of their latest opus titled Anchor. Definitely geared to their live performance, which will be on show during a number of scheduled Festival appearances this summer, Autumn Hill flies out of the starting gate with 10 tracks that, for the most part, reflect an up-tempo, unbridled energy set off by spirited vocals and high octane instrumental arrangements. “Blame” is the kind of mid-tempo arrangement which has magnetic appeal for both commercial and Country radio formats while tracks like “Return Policy “and “Mixtape” continue an emotionally lyrical message contained in “Blame” but with a fun verbal counter play between Green and Robbins. Produced in Nashville by Dave Thomson, who has directed the multi-formattted success of Lady Antebellum, `Anchor’ also spotlights Green and Robbins vocal talents with Robbins’ work on “August In The Rain” and Green’s haunting “Never Be Mine” focusing on their melodic abilities. No doubt, Autumn Hill will build on their fan base with this release that should win over fans from both Country and Pop Music spectrums.

Download: “Blame”, “Good Night For Going Nowhere” and “Never Be Mine”.

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