Adams To Stage German Stadium Concert Date To A Restricted Audience

Canada’s Bryan Adams will be the first major rock artist to headline a stadium concert in several months – since the global COVID-19 pandemic effectively shut down the concert industry-  when he headlines September 4th at Dusseldorf’s soccer stadium in Germany.

The “Summer of 69” singer is scheduled to perform alongside a lineup that will also feature Sarah Connor, Rea Garvey, the Boss Hoss, Michael Mittemeir and Joris during a production presented by Live Nation.

Although the outdoor venue holds 50,000 spectators, attendance will be limited to 12,000 or roughly one-quarter of capacity in order to embrace social distancing between concert goers.

According to a Live Nation announcement, fans will also be required to wear face masks during the concert and to register their contact details when purchasing their tickets to allow for possible contact tracing. Comprehensive hygiene measures will also be enforced to ensure that this event doesn’t create a coronavirus hotspot in the stadium.

It has been noted that at least one German health official is condemning the decision to stage this concert as being premature and irresponsible. The mayor of Dusseldorf, Thomas Geisel, however, is reportedly supportive of the scheduled event, stating that the concert organizers appear to be taking all the necessary precautions.

“The fans artists and crew, as well as the entire music industry, have been eagerly awaiting this moment,” said Live Nation German CEO Marek Lieberberg. “We’re opening the door for the return of live music which now has the opportunity to resume after the unpredicted intermission we have endured. We know that fans are enthusiastic to experience live music once again and we are excited to be able to bring them that opportunity.”

Coincidently, it was Adams who made the news in May when he posted what was described as a “hate-filled rant” on social media bemoaning the cancellation of his scheduled summer concert tour due to the virus epidemic.

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