Why Bryan Adams is really British!

Bryan Adams maybe the poster boy for Canadian music. Yes, he’s been featured on a Canadian postage stamp. Yes he has received an Order Of Canada and been accepted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame – but the reality is that Bryan Adams is really British!

True he was born November 5th 1959 in Kingston, Ontario to a British diplomat and his British wife who then left Canada, returning `home’ to England. They also lived abroad (I believe Portugal) before Bryan’s parents split and his mother moved Bryan and his brother Bruce to Vancouver where he grew up and developed his musical talents.

And there is no doubt that Bryan has dual citizenship. Yet his primary residence has been London England for the past 25 years, he travels outside of Canada on a British passport (I know, I’ve seen it!), he is passionate about Chelsea Football Club and he and his partner, Alicia Grimaldi recently gave birth to their daughter, Mirabella Bunny in London.

It is true, Bryan hasn’t developed a faux British accent like British turncoats, boxer Lennox Lewis or tennis star Greg Rudzinski, who were both legitimate Canadians before adopting England as their real home. Yet you cannot deny that on residency alone, Bryan is a Brit and his two English parents only confirm the obvious! Discuss amongst yourselves.

Photography by: Dimo Safari

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