THEORY OF A DEADMAN: Rapids Theatre Niagara Falls New York



By Kris Gelder

Tyler Connolly – photo Kris Gelder

Critics can say what they want, when it comes to delivering a high energy concert, Vancouver’s Theory Of A Deadman continue to prove they can deliver the goods. Storming on stage at Niagara Falls’ impressive Rapids Theatre, the quartet of lead vocalist/guitarist Tyler Connolly, guitarist Dave Brenner, bassist Dean Back and drummer Jay Dandereau delivered a blistering set which balanced classic tracks from their Gasoline, Scars And Souvenirs and The Truth Is releases with key tracks from their latest Savages release.

Launching the set with “Lowlife” from their `The Truth Is’ record, Theory Of A Deadman set a blistering pace, rarely taking their foot of the accelerator. Even during, equipment change breaks, Connolly entertained the fans with intros to Alice In Chains’ “Nutshell” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama’ when he wasn’t flicking guitar pics off a mic stand constructed from a gasoline can and a shotgun.

Other favourites included their mega hit “Santa Monica” plus other key tracks like “So Happy”, “Hurricane” and “The Bitch Is Back” along with key new tracks like “Angel” and “Savages”. They even trotted out “By The Way” from `Scars And Souvenirs” which Connolly revealed they rarely perform live.

Concluding with “Angel’ and “Hate My Life” before encoring with “Bad Girlfriends”, Theory Of A Deadman” continue to cement their legacy south of the border

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