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2 thoughts on “The Who in Edmonton 1976

  1. ernie klein

    I was at this concert. Best band I ever saw live. Absolutely stunning. Keith Moon was on his last legs as a world class rock drummer, so I was lucky to have seen him at his best. Townshend was a show in himself. Flying all over the stage and playing some of the most fluid guitar I ever heard. All were at the top of their game. Great concert shots by Ian Mark. Brings back great memories of a fantastic show. I was standing directly in front of Keith Moon, forty feet from the stage, so I saw everything clearly. Fabulous sound and lights. They don’t make bands like this anymore. Nothing but repetitive garbage and mindless crap. Thankfully I was born at the right time to know what great music was all about.

  2. walter pembroke

    I was eighteen years old when I attended this show with my brother and two other friends. We all thought the same thing. Best live band in the world. How they played what they did and sounded like they did is still astounding to think of. This was the second last show of Moon’s last tour if I am not mistaken. So we were very fortunate to have seen this fantastic band before his death two years later. I also saw the Who with Kenny Jones a few years later, but they were not as crazy as with Moon. Townshend did seem to be a touch better with his guitar playing, or maybe he just played different guitars and amps. but this show still tops any other show I have been lucky enough to have attended, and I have seen some of the top rock bands of that era. Nothing at present can touch the Who’s boot straps in terms of talent and showmanship. Keith Moon was the best drummer I have seen in any rock band. It is sad that he died just a few years after this concert. Such a waste of an amazing performer. Truly untouchable in terms of showmanship and supporting the band. Entwistle and Daltrey were great also. Especially Daltrey with his mike twirling and posing. Great memories of a great band.

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