The Spoons Reunite for 30th Anniversary of Arias & Symphonies

Canadian New Wave synth pop group The Spoons performed at Toronto’s intimate Revival Bar on Friday. Hosted by Maie Pauts and radio broadcasted through Boom 97.3, the concert was a celebration of the release of the band’s Arias & Symphonies 30th Anniversary album.

80’s New-Wave band Images In Vogue opened, and their stage presence captured the attention of the entire audience.

Shortly after Images In Vogue’s final number, The Spoons took the stage just before 10 p.m., with a simple stage set-up complete with red velvet curtains on either side of the stage, a projection screen above and a vintage disco ball, it was reminiscent of a high school reunion in a school gym. For most of the 45 plus crowd it was a walk down memory lane.

Revival Bar, Toronto | November 30, 2012
Photography by: John Arnold

“This reunion concert just brings back so many memories, they are so good…my favorite song is Old Emotions,” says Barbara Ross, mom of the original drummer Derrick Ross.

“I’m so excited to be here and so proud of the band,” says Paul Ross, Derrick’s father.

The band opened with a minute of their song Trade-winds Instrumental, followed by the title track, Arias & Symphonies. Starting with tracks from Arias and Symphonies, the band then moved to other albums with fan favorites, Old Emotions, Romantic Traffic, Tell No Lies, Rodeo and a handful from their new album Static and Transmission.

Derrick sat in on several numbers during the set and the most memorable moment came during one of the encores when he went head-to-head with Gian Ghomeshi on some stand-up drums. With Gord Deppe on guitar and vocals, bassist Sandy Horne and keyboardist Rob Preuss, the show was all about the band, with no need for flashy effects. The still youthful sounding band put on an energetic hour-long show and fans were thrilled to hear it.

“I first saw them when they came to my high school, I was in a band that did Spoons covers, I am still friends with the band members on Facebook and they are all jealous of me being here. They are the first Canadian band that exemplified the 80’s sound of symphonies,” says John Arnold, fan and photographer.

The future looks hopeful for The Spoons and they are currently promoting their most recent album, Static and Transmission released a year and a half ago.

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