Sometimes described as Mumford & Sons’ evil twins, the Regina quartet of Nate Hills (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin), Colton Crawford (banjo, kick drum), Scott Pringle (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Doug Kenyon (cello, vocals), these self-professed `modern hillbillies’ have just re-mastered their debut full album recording, `Good Company’ (Curve Music/Entertainment One), originally release in 2014, with “Honey You” serving as the record’s first single/video.


DS Album Art


Produced by Omen Paradis (Rah Rah, Liberty Voices),  `Good Company’ reflects the band’s fun-loving bluegrass nature. A love of bluegrass that connected Hills and Crawford together in 2012. With Pringle and Kenyon joining forces, The Dead South released a 2013  EP, `The Ocean Went Mad And We’re To Blame’, a released, followed by a successful showcase at the 2014 Canadian Music Week conference which earned the band a German recording contract with Devil Duck Records. It was a deal which allowed the band to tour Europe.


DS Press Photo Vert
Curve Music’s Brian Hetherman flew over to Germany to scout the band and was suitably impressed that he signed a management agreement. A further strong showcase at 2014’s Break-Out  West festival in Winnipeg they ended up securing a booking agency deal with Paquin Entertainment.
Having created a strong following with touring itineraries that have taken the band across North America and into Europe with a unique tongue-in-cheek, on-stage persona that reflects Old West Pioneers, The Dead South are about to reach a mainstream audience with their tales of murderous estranged spouses and runaway lover cousins

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