The Diodes: Crash N Burn Revisted

The Diodes: Crash N Burn Revisted
John Catto has taken a brief time out to from a scrambled Diodes rehearsal to spill the dirt on the band’s latest reunion tour which launches Friday at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Having just flown in from England with band lead vocalist Paul Robinson to join up with original bassist Ian McKay, and drummer John Hamilton who is now playing... Read More

THE BOX Phoenix Concert Theatre

THE BOX  Phoenix Concert Theatre
Toronto Friday March 13th 2015 For Montreal’s The Box it was a time to re-connect. Almost 10 years after last playing in Toronto, lead vocalist Jean Marc Pisapia brought the current version of has band, bassist Dan Volj, guitarist Francois Bruneau, keyboardist Guillame Jodoin, drummer Martin Lapierre and support vocalist Isabelle Lemay back to headline at the Phoenix Concert Theatre.... Read More