Nickelback. The Saddledome Calgary

Nickelback. The Saddledome Calgary
Thursday March 12/ 2015 I’ll admit it. Other than the obvious hits, I don’t know Nickelback’s music much at all. I know I’d have really dug it if I’d discovered them as a 15 year old kid. They’ve certainly rustled up a less than stellar reputation for some, though it doesn’t seem to be rooted in much. They’ve faced much... Read More

BACHMAN Heavy Blues

BACHMAN  Heavy Blues
Think of Randy Bachman and you associate this iconic Winnipegger with beefy power rock bands like Bachman-Turner Overdrive or the more melodic Guess Who – but two girls? That’s what you get with Bachman’s first studio record in five years as he teams up with drummer Dale Anne Brendon and bassist Anna Ruddick to lay down 11 blues-flavoured tracks. Inspired... Read More