Space Station 5 – Celebrity Playlist: NICK GILDER

[styled_box title=”Celebrity of the Week” color=”blue”]Nick Gilder – Juno Award Winning singer/songwriter – current Sweeney Todd frontman[/styled_box]

This week’s Space Station 5 comes to us from Nick Gilder.


Trying to narrow down a lifetime of music to 5 records for this space flight seems impossible with so many greats, some still with us some sadly departed, so I am going to take some of the records that have inspired me in my career, this is my musical heritage. when I first heard Led Zeppelin’s song “Whole Lotta Love” blasting from a jukebox, this was a pivotal moment in my life, starting me on a journey that would be my life and work all my adult life to date, its visceral, rawness appealed to the youthful angst we all felt.

Pink Floyd’s `Dark Side Of The Moon’.What is on the dark side of moon? It’s a cerebral work, an adventure itself in sound and strange eerie moods.

What space trip would be complete without “Start Me Up” from `Tattoo You’ by the Rolling Stones, if you’re a rock n roller that says it right from the start of Keith’s jagged guitar chording, the Stones showing why they are still around after all these years right in the groove of syncopation.

I’d have to stowaway an Elton record and T.Rex and Queen, Scarlet Johanssons Anywhere I lay my head, and a Beatles record and a Rush record cause Spirit Of Radio was unbelievable and and and lol!, even though I’m going to say, ACDC Thunderstruck, need a boost this’ll do it! Totally rocks!.

And then one of the most captivating bands ever, forging new attitude frontiers INXS fronted by Michael Hutchence one of the most vocally expressive singers I have ever heard, the songs on Kick possibly their peak.

I really have to find room for another major influence in my career David Bowie’s Hunky Dory.

What an amazing time I have had on my musical adventure still enjoying the ride! for sure when it gets right down to it musically I like to rock! if your ever climbing the stairways heres some great songs to take with you!

Look at that bright blue planet, David Bowie we miss you, its so beautiful! Keep rocking Nick


My 5 Space Station albums, in no particular order:

[styled_box title=”Space Station 5 – Nick Gilder” color=”black”]

[two_third_last]Led Zeppelin II – Led Zeppelin

[two_third_last]Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

[one_third]Tattoo You[/one_third]
[two_third_last]Tattoo You – The Rolling Stones[/two_third_last]

[one_third]Scarlett Johansson[/one_third]
[two_third_last]Anywhere I Lay My Head – Scarlett Johansson

[one_third]AC/DC - Razor's Edge[/one_third]
[two_third_last]The Razors Edge – AC/DC


About Nick Gilder:
Current front-man of the glam rock band Sweeney Todd, Nick has won several Juno Awards and had Number One hits including “Roxy Roller” and “Hot Child In The City”.

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