The Dark Side Of Betty Moon – Not Really!!

Five years ago, promising rock musician, Betty Moon decided that if she wanted to succeed in the entertainment industry, she needed to go to where that scene was happening rather than to wait for that scene to find her – so she dropped everything and moved from her native Toronto to Los Angeles.

“It was frightening at first,” noted Moon, on the phone from LA to promote her new recording, “Amourphous”. “ I was living with a bunch of girls in Studio City but then I met this guy, we went out on our first date on Valentine’s Day and now we are living together so now I feel quite settled”.

Considered initially to be a hard-rock, guitar-swinging diva, a sound reflect on her last record, “Rollin Revolution”, Moon believes her sound has evolved considerably on her new recording. “I’m a bit of a chameleon,” noted Moon. “I’m like Jane’s Addiction or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, they kind of defy description. When I look at my body of work, I can see how I am evolving both in my song-writing, my studio production and my performing, I can see a definite progression.

Moon continues to be independent in the writing and producing her own records on her own Evolver label. : “I never wanted a production deal, never wanted to work for a conglomerate record company. I am totally self-contained. I don’t want to be an Audio Slave, I don’t want to work for anyone else other than myself,” she noted.

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Recruiting the famous Chris Lord Alge (The Rolling Stones, The Smashing Pumpkins) to mix one key track (‘Valentine’ – an ode to her live-in partner), Moon also shows she still has her rock chops on the Zeppelinesque `Fresh Tenrils’ yet can also spin an atmospheric slant on more melodic tracks like ‘Time To Move On’ and ‘Honeytrap.’

Although content to evolve her craft on the West Coast, Moon still has close bonds with Canada and plans to tour here later this year.

“I’m conscious that I am moving forward, and that in itself suggests I am being successful,” concludes Moon. “I’m working in an environment where some of the world’s greatest artists live, record and perform and that is a great stimulation for me.”


THE RECORD – Amourphous
Noted for being a hard-rock diva who can rock with the best on Sunset Boulevard, this Toronto-born, Los Angeles transplant continues to develop her skills as both an artist and a songwriter. Following up her more rock-oriented 2012 release, “Rollin Revolution”, Moon shows a more exploratory side of her song writing with 10 tracks that reflect a variety of arrangements from the country-tinged leadoff single; `Powerlines’, to the more melodic, and highly personal `Valentine’. Moon can still rock and her `Fresh Tendrils’ track is suggestive of vintage Led Zeppelin with her Jimmy Page-type guitar riffs. Written, produced and arranged by Moon herself, “Amourphous” is the end result of an ambitious effort that reflects a steady growth in a performer who deserves more recognition. With touring plans in both the States and her native Canada, set for later this spring, that recognition is forthcoming.
Download: ‘Fresh Tendrils’ ‘Numb’, ‘Powerlines’

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