Wednesday May 6th 2015 @ THE RIVOLI

It is our pleasure to present to you a total of eight hot new artists who will be performing at this year’s Music Express CMW Showcase. You are invited to check out the amazing talent provided by the bands listed below:

the RathburnsTHE RATHBURNS (8:00 – 8:40)

Fresh off appearing on Rock 94.9’s Gen Next show at Toronto’s Phoenix Theatre, The Rathburns will be performing tracks off their new, self-titled six-track EP. Former a folk-acoustic duo comprised of lead vocalist Frances Virgillio and sibling Joey Virgillio, the pair of since bolstered their line-up with the inclusion of bassist Erik Kolomay and drummer Rob Pogliari and developed a solid blues-rock sound which is effectively captured on their debut EP.


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BeautifulNothingThink of Down With Webster only with a rockier edge, and you have Burlington Ontario’s Beautiful Nothing.  Nominated for Top Alternative/Indie recording act at this year’s Hamilton Music Awards ceremonies, Beautiful Nothing’s self-titled debut record release that has already spawned significant radio airplay on Hamilton’s Y-108 and Oshawa’s 94.9 The Rock. Plus their “Highway To The Sky” single is receiving significant video exposure on Much Music. Having turned in a star performance on 94.9’s Gen Next new talent showcase,  Led by vocalist/keyboardist Anthony Ludgate along with guitarist/keyboardist Luke Ludgate, drummer Shane Ludgate, bassist James Featherstone, guitarist Steve Petrovic, rapper Say-Talk and backing vocals Alicia Cameron,  Beautiful Nothing is poised to be Canada’s next break out group. Watch for them at Kitchener’s Big Music Festival July 10th.


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THE COCKSURE LADS (10:00- 10:40)

1Direct from Leeds England via the vivid imagination of former Moxy Fruvous member Murray Foster.  The Cocksure Lads movie, out on general release in August comes to life on stage with Foster, who wrote and directed the movie, also writing and performing the movie’s music  with a band also comprised of  Moxy Fruvous guitarist Mike Ford, Burton Cummings’ guitarist Tim Bovaconti plus drummer Blake Manning. Fans of the British Rock Invasion of the Sixties and Seventies will listen to Cocksure Lads’ tracks and start questioning themselves, “where have I heard that before.”


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HONEYRUNNERS (11:00 – 11:40)

TheHoneyrunners-1The Honeyrunners have mastered the art of feel-good rock n roll fused by a healthy serving of modern soul. In the two years since their inception, the Toronto-based quartet have released two EP’s and logged over 175 tour dates earning widespread radio exposure in both Canada and the United States. Lead vocalist/keyboardist Dan Dwoskin, guitarist/vocalist Marcus Bucci, drummer/vocalist Brandon Robins and new bassist Guillermo Alberto Subauste are one of the hardest working bands in the country and their presence is spreading across North America.


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SUNS OF STONE (12:00 – 12:40)

SUNS OF STONEOttawa-based Suns of Stone are all about blues inspired guitar riffs with a heavy rhythm rock beat and a throwback edge. Think of the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes or even Kings of The Stone Age. Powered by vocals from Alan Charlton, guitarist Jimmy King, bassist Andrew Erlandson and drummer Alex Scott, Suns Of The Stone, recorded a self-financed, self-produced EP in early 2012 and then went on to finish their first full studio record later that year. Extremely active on the Eastern and Southern Ontario music scene, credits include opening for Saga at Toronto’s Phoenix Theatre. Wath for the band’s second album, Rocker Down releasing this summer.


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40 SONS (01:00 – 01:40)

40 sonsWhen 40 Sons initially launched in 2004, the band was so eager to start playing, they actually accepted bookings before they had secured a lead vocalist. Fortunately, Mike Repic was secured before their first date at the Hamilton Ontario quarter have not looked back. Also featuring guitarist/vocalist Mike Spik, drummer Christiano Andreatto and bassist Link Andrews, 40 Sons is an amalgam of alternative rock and metal. “With this band, you have four guys sitting around, writing music they actually feel something from rather than a team of writers churning out vacuous pop,” noted Repic. Having performed at various local UFC events, 40 Sons won the prestigious Hard Rock Ambassadors of Rock Championship and took home top local band honours at the 2007 Hamilton Music Awards.


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HEDREK (with Marta Shpak) (02:00- 2:40)

Dennis DeMarchi is best know for being the keyboardist for 80’s classic rock act Alias, supporting his guitarist brother Steve and lead vocalist Freddie Curci but he has also been involved in numerous side projects and his latest lineup, Hedrek sees DeMarchi playing bass and singing lead vocals fronting a power trio also comprising of guitarist Steve Bigas and drummer Adam Mackenzie.  Also watch for a two-song appearance from exotic Ukrainian vocalist Marta Shpak,  Describing is band as a cross between Neil Young and Nirvana, Demarchi is promising a total surprise music package for those prepared to  hang in and pack a few cans of Red Bull.

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MOTHER LEADS (03:00 – 3:40)

MOTHER LEADSThis Ajax  power quartet comprised of Raymond Cara (vocalist/guitarist), Neil Culbert (drums), Jordan Lassalle (guitar) and Jordan Quinn (bassist) have generated a strong presence on the local music scene having released two EPS (self-titled and Red) and one studio album, `Myriad’ since originally forming in November 2008. Described as being comparable to Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam, Mother Leads have been generating their fair share of radio airplay and record sales and are set for a national tour this Spring and Summer.


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