Killer Dwarfs Officially Open Rockpile East

It’s always a good sign when the club runs out of beer! Bar staff were at panic stations Friday October 4th as the newly recreated Rockpile East (formerly the infamous Knob Hill Tavern) opened its doors with a headline concert by the newly revived Killer Dwarfs – and a dwindling stockpile of suds!

Led by Russ Graham (who had been on a bus man’s holiday fronting Moxy), with guitarist Gerry Finn, bassist John Fenton and drummer Darrell Millar, the Dwarfs were preaching to the converted as a near full house of some 650 patrons welcomed the band back on stage. Yes Killer Dwarfs still have a rabid following and yes, these guys can still rock, opening their set with `Stand Tall’ from the self-titled album before following with `Hard Luck Town’ from their “Method To The Madness” release.

The rest of their high volume set comprised of hit tracks from their debut self-titled “Killer Dwarfs” release, “Dirty Weapons”, “Method To The Madness” “Stand Tall” and even the long lost “Start@One” record was featured as they played, the self-titled single. The Dwarfs did bring down the tempo with an acoustic version of `Doesn’t Matter’ but for the most part it was a high energy effort concluding with a two-song encore that featured `Dirty Weapons’ and `Heavy Metal Breakdown’ from their debut.

Yes, the Killer Dwarfs are back in the public spotlight having just returned from a U.S tour with possible European dates pending, confirming with this performance that the time is now ripe for the band to re-establish themselves.

Photography by: Michael Sobocan

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