Down With Webster – LIVE in Calgary

Calgary, AB. Feb 1, 2014
MacEwan Conference & Event Centre

123…Jump! Dynamic energy Down with Webster jolts to the stage pending an apprehensive audience. A crowd waiting for something to happen. And “happen” it did! Not to disappoint Martin “Bucky” Seja opens with One in a Million, arms rise instantly in unison. It’s on! The throngs of young girls squishing each other to the front barricade, in an attempt to be closer to the boys, quickly forget the heat and crushing pain they endured waiting for this moment.

Everyone gets what they expect and Down with Webster has control. With exceptionally creative film bites of orchestrated media flashing behind them the floor alive, a mob of thrashing fans. They know the band. “She’s Dope” lights everyone on fire and suddenly I need a Tanqueray and Tonic.

Out to Party? – Down with Webster commits to making it happen. Not there? – Sorry we missed you (NOT).

Finally Calgary, a night out of not “Doing things you don’t like”.

Want to be entertained? See this band! If you do you will for sure be Down with Webster.

Photography: Charles Hope

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