Caught In A Dream – Take Off!

“Check one, Check one, two.”
Well this is the final instalment of the “Load-In” to “Caught In A Dream”. And if there is a “load-in” that must mean there is a stage built and the lights are dimming… let the show begin we’ve been ready.
Before I leave on this incredible journey to see MY band tour five cities in the United Kingdom, I think it is important to give due credit to the host countries.
The United Kingdom and the Alice Cooper group go back to ’71. On their first tour outside of the North America, Alice Cooper appeared at London’s Rainbow Theatre… while the band was primed to bring on their sonic and visual assault, the promoter spelled the band’s name wrong on the tickets!
 The band’s performance that evening may well be considered the “big bang” of the glam rock movement… legend has it that on leaving the theatre that night, a then marginally successful MOR performer said to his fellow bandmate: “THAT is what we have to do.”… those departing spectators were David Bowie and Spiders’ drummer Woody Woodmansey.
MY band would return to London just eight months later to close out their “Killer” tour with a sold-out performance at Wembley’s Empire Pool.
And if the Rainbow was not the night of glamorous conception… then June of ’72 unequivocally was glam rock’s “BIG BANG”… when both Alice Cooper (“School’s Out”) and David Bowie (“Starman”) appeared on England’s “Top of the Pops”… and the world tilted on its platform-healed axis and the rock performance would never be the same.
While I am certain, the band must have felt their juggernaut was in pedal-to-the-metal accent, the June ’72 return visit to London is notorious for the band’s fantastic promotion scheme… get a flat-bed truck, put a billboard size picture of a naked Alice, appendix scar and his big snake… then “unfortunately” have the truck stall in Piccadilly and Oxford Circus at rush hour.
And so 46 years to the month since their first visit to London, MY band is returning to take the United Kingdom by storm with The Greatest Show On Earth. The five shows are close to, and most certainly will sell-out (congratulations promoter AEG) and I hope you will check back to this Music Express site and follow my daily tour reports.

It’s all happening!… SCHOOL’S OUT!… send bail money!










ACG UK Piccadilly

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