Blue Rodeo – In Our Nature Premiere

26 years after their first release, Blue Rodeo is back with a brand new album entitled “In Our Nature”. Recorded entirely at Greg Keelor’s farm, the band began laying down tracks in the fall of 2012 and then spent the winter touring Canada. With keyboardist Michael Boguski and guitarist Colin Cripps joining the ranks alongside of Cuddy, Keelor, bassist Bazil Donovan, drummer Glenn Milchem and multi-instrumentalist Bob Egan, Blue Rodeo had the luxury of playing most of the new material live or in soundchecks before committing them to tape.

“Originally, we thought we’d come out here and do what we did on 5 Days in July – empty out the furniture from the living room and play in the round – but it turned out that the music had a bigger scope than that. So we positioned ourselves around the various rooms and started working. It was apparent right away that there were some very strong ties that were knitting everything together and that it was going to be a good vibe record.” said Jim Cuddy when asked about the process for this album.

“Jim thought we were only going to be recording demos,” says Keelor.

“I got soundly slapped for that,” laughs Jim.

The album is scheduled for release October 29 but you can preview tracks in our preview player below.

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