30 Years Later: Corey Hart Interpolates Corey Hart

30 Years Later: Corey Hart Interpolates Corey Hart

30 years after the release of “Sunglasses At Night,” Corey Hart
interpolates Corey Hart

“Night Visions (Sunglasses)” by Papercha$er featuring Corey Hart to be
the singer’s first release in the U.S. since 1994.

30 years after launching the extraordinary career of Corey Hart, his monumental debut single, “Sunglasses At Night”, is reborn in an exciting new incarnation as “Night Visions (Sunglasses)” Collaborating with American producers and remixers Papercha$er (Rihanna, Christina Aguilera), Corey re-entered the studio recording a new vocal for the iconic classic now revamped as a pulsating EDM track.

“Sunglasses At Night” was originally released in Canada, November 1983. “Night Visions (Sunglasses)” and the accompanying Music Video (filmed in South Beach Miami and featuring Hart´s 16 year old daughter Dante) are currently available on iTunes in North America.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″ video_id=”-XaVRuAIYqs”]

Released in Canada in November 1983, “Sunglasses At Night” was a thirteenth hour addition to the album ´First Offence´ but became an inescapable smash in 1984 catapulting Corey Hart into a global superstar. He went on to sell over 16 million records worldwide, amassing 9 consecutive US Billboard Top 40 Hits. He also scored an impressive 30 top 40 Hits in his native Canada including 11 Top 10’s during his career while his songs have been covered over 1000 times. But in the end, it is “Sunglasses At Night” that is the enduring Corey Hart classic which helped define a generation. As a result, over the years, countless artists – everyone from P.Diddy to Nelly Furtado – have requested permission to interpolate the song. Corey stood firm that no one was going to change or “chop” his music although many did so illegally.

In 2012, PaperCha$er approached Corey with a unique proposal. If he would be willing to creatively re-sculpt “Sunglasses” on his own terms – Corey Hart interpolating Corey Hart.

“I could never reconcile the concept of interpolation” says Hart. “As a songwriter, it always felt wrong to me. Many musicians I deeply respect stand on the other side of the aisle, but ultimately an artist must follow his own musical compass”

[quote]The opportunity to add our
contemporary sonic touch, and work with Corey personally, was both
irresistible & inspiring. – PaperCha$er[/quote]

Hart was impressed by many of the re-mixes Papercha$er had done in the past and he adds “it really felt like a great fit”.

The resulting single, “Night Visions (Sunglasses)” not only includes a striking new vocal performance by Hart but also new melody and lyrics with a Russian motif.

“‘Sunglasses At Night’ was undoubtedly one of those classic records that transcended music and enmeshed itself into the cultural fabric of a generation.” notes Papercha$er. “The opportunity to add our contemporary sonic touch, and work with Corey personally, was both irresistible & inspiring.“

In 2000, Corey Hart stepped away from his music career to raise his four children with wife Julie Masse who was a popular French singing star in her own right in their home province of Quebec. Their family was first priority. Corey continued Songwriting and Producing making contributions to various artists’ albums including several with Celine Dion.

In 2002, legendary Sire music executive Seymour Stein approached Corey with the idea of starting his own label. Corey took up the challenge and his Siena Records, partnered with Warner Music Canada, was born. It has been a place to nurture new rising Canadian artists. Hart will commemorate ´Three Decades Of Music´ with his first live concert appearance since 2002 – a ´marathon set´ at Montreal´s Bell Centre on May 31, 2014 his birthday. He will also release his autobiography on the same date.


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7 thoughts on “30 Years Later: Corey Hart Interpolates Corey Hart

  1. Greg Gorman

    Corey Hart is a Canadian Superstar. He is a singer/songwriter that exceeds the peers that have been given more pop/contemporary attention (ie: Justin Beiber). He can write circles around any Canadian artist and has a fan base that recognizes true talent (These are the same folk who realize that a song like Tracy Chapman’s classic song “Fast Car”, would not get airplay today, but was a true hit). Hart’s songs have gone that same direction…..ignored but classics…much of how an artist like Rod Stewart can put out an album and be ignored. All that talent falling on the deaf ears of today’s kids? such a shame. You rock Corey, in the 80’s, the 90’s and today!

  2. Carol

    An awesome remix and video! So great to see Corey Hart in the spotlight again.

  3. Heather Miguel

    Mr.Gorman sums it up. Today’s generation is lacking the pure songwriting talents of the classics that shaped an entire culture. Welcome back Corey!

  4. Bonnie Roach

    I love the added / changed lyrics in this remix…truly reflects Corey’s vision of the world and his hope for it. Hopefully this “updated” version will expose him to a new generation of fans who, as Greg so eloquently put it, recognizes true talent. I absolutely love it.

  5. Amy Jordan

    Paperchaser and Corey Hart have teamed up to produce an excellent song, not simply a remix of Sunglasses but an entirely new and original creation. Here’s hoping radio stations in North America will embrace it fully and it will become the hit it ought to be!

  6. Tey

    It’s An awesome song and video … it’s always great to see Mr Hart making music again … hopefully it will continue … after 30 years He still sounds Amazing !!!

  7. Toula Frango

    Have been a fan for 29 years! What sets him apart from other artists is that he writes beautiful lyrics that have meaning and are not just written for top 40 Radio. I look at an artist like Robin Thicke and i am like look at the lyrics from blurred lines and its a shame that someone like this with poor lyrics get so much exposure and radio play and those young fans are eating it up..example of Thicke’s lyrics..
    “What do they make dreams for
    When you got them jeans on
    What do we need steam for
    You the hottest bitch in this place
    I feel so lucky
    Hey, hey, hey
    You wanna hug me
    Hey, hey, hey
    What rhymes with hug me?” JOKE!!! Corey Hart is like a million times better and stronger song writer!!! :) Hopefully Night Visions will make an impact to Generation Z and these kids will embrace it and it will becomes an iconic song like the original!! Corey Hart deserves it!

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