Lowest of the Low Release Agitpop

Lowest of the Low’s Ron Hawkins says that Agitpop is one of the most overtly political records he’s ever written – a response to the current state of the world we live in. That’s quite a statement from someone whose first band was called Social Insecurity and whose debut album contained the songs “Salesman, Cheats And Liars” and “Eternal Fatalist.” While Ron has taken his lyrical inspiration from the current political storm, musically the band wears the influences of their youth on their sleeves with nods to the Clash, Squeeze, The Specials and Elvis Costello among others.

Lowest of the Low created videos featuring all 14 songs on Agitpop.  Watch the video HERE

Ron Hawkins:

“It’s been a while since I felt the need to take the small p in the politics of my songwriting and capitalize it. Probably not since the 80s, when Reaganomics rankled and the threat of nuclear annihilation seemed to loom on the horizon.

I spent the 90s and onwards embedding my politics in the personal stories of people trying to get through the day. I wrote about the trees instead of the forest.

But with fascism on the rise again throughout the world and with the steaming wreckage of Neo-Liberalism proving that it has no answers for the liberation of the world’s population it’s time to hit “caps lock” on that P once again.

Lowest of the Low
Lowest of the Low

Agitpop is the new Lowest of the Low record comprised of songs about revolution and redistribution… liberation, love and justice.

Songs don’t make a revolution, that’s not their job. They exist to be the oxygen we breathe or the nutrients we need to keep the blood pumping so we can get shit done. Your heart is a muscle and it’s as big as your fist. “

In support of Agitpop, the band have produced a number of videos featuring songs from the album.  The first of those videos is released today, Mayday, as a show of support to worker protests around the world. Watch “The Barricade” HERE.

Agitpop was recorded in Toronto with producer David Botrill (Tool, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins). Catch Lowest Of The Low on tour (see dates below).  The band celebrates the album’s release with a headlining show tonight at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall.

Agitpop tracklisting:
Bonnie & Clyde

Bottle Rockets

The Ballad of Late-Era Capitalism

When She Falls

New Wave Action Plan

F-Noise (Rebel Radio)

The Barricade

Night Of A Thousand Guns

Love ‘N’ Justice



Midnight Maryanne

A Thousand Lights

Permanent Revolution


Lowest of the Low on tour:

May 31                 Toronto, ON                       Danforth Music Hall

June 1                   Barrie, ON                           Maverick’s Music Hall

June 13                 London, ON                        Rum Runners

June 14                 St. Catharines, ON           Warehouse

June 20                 Oshawa, ON                       Music hall Concert Theatre

September 25    New York City, NY            Mercury Lounge

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