Gord Sinclair Shares “Get Back Again”

Gord Sinclair
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Gord Sinclair Shares The Tragically Hip Fan Favourite “Get Back Again” Watch Live Video Here  HERE

Sinclair Solo Album TAXI DANCERS Out Now

(Toronto, ON – May 15, 2020) – Gord Sinclair, best known as the bass player for beloved rock band The Tragically Hip, recently released his acclaimed debut solo record Taxi Dancers, co-produced with The Trews John-Angus MacDonald and engineered by James McKenty.
This past fall, Gord returned to The Bathouse Recording Studio in Kingston, alongside members of The Trews, James, Elliot Sinclair and Miss Emily to record a version of unreleased The Tragically Hip track “Get Back Again.” Watch the live session here.

The song will also be available on streaming platforms and proceeds from the single will be shared with two charities important to Sinclair, The Kingston Food Bank and The Unison Benevolent Fund.
On the origins of the song Sinclair shares, “In my early days with The Tragically Hip, I wrote a song called ‘Get Back Again.’ It never made it onto a Hip record but somehow it managed to stick in some people’s minds.”
As for finally recording the track, “Fast forward 30 odd years to November of 2019. We were planning the release of Taxi Dancers and I, being the tech un-savvy boomer that I am, realized we had no photos from the sessions for the package. Nothing of the process or the fabulous musicians, friends and family who helped make the record. My manager hastily arranged a photo session at the Hip’s Bathouse studio. With everyone together again, we thought it might be fun to lay something down that afternoon. Why waste all that beauty and talent on a photoshoot alone? We needed a song, something we all knew, and ‘Get Back Again’ was suggested.” 
Also available is Sinclair’s debut solo Taxi Dancers, an album that is both winsome and sorrowful and speaks not only about loss but recovery. Taxi Dancers was recorded during three relaxed three-day sessions at Sinclair’s Kingston home, which was converted into an ad hoc studio summer 2019 for the purpose.
 It has received praise from across the country and is a fearless exploration of Sinclair’s despair over losing lifelong friend and bandmate Gord Downie. Listen to Gord’s candid interview with Tom Power on CBC q here.

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