2018 Music Express Awards

Because the “solution” the software company offered us to repair the polling boards was not acceptable, we had to devise another plan. Here is our in house solution. What we’ve done is recreated the original poll boards (with a spelling correction and an Album name correction). The new poll has been tested and is functional and is up to the task. You will notice the numbers start at Zero… kind of. Let me explain. This board still exists (There will be a link to the new page at end of the explanation) but it is closed. So no voting will be allowed on this board, however in order NOT to lose those votes we have simply closed the voting and reopened it on the new page. Once voting has completed, we will tally all votes from this current board with those from this error board and compile the results. Other than the actual math, everything will be visible to all so you can see we are not manipulating numbers. Fair Enough? Beyond that, we have voiced our displeasure with the developer and will be utilizing new software in the coming years.

We sincerely apologize to the artists and the fans for all the issues.


Remember to click the VOTE button after you’ve made your selection or your vote will not count!


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