Russ Dwarf – Wireless

Russ Dwarf – Wireless

(Synchro Start) For those of you not in the Eighties’ music loop, The Killer Dwarfs were a  Toronto area power rock band, who like the more famous Ramones, adopted the moniker Dwarf after their Christian names. In their six album/cd discography, the band constantly changed names, achieving a bit of a breakthrough when they signed with Epic in the States in 1988, toured England opening for Iron Maiden in England before disappearing just as fast. Original lead singer, Russ Dwarf (Graham) currently fronting Moxy, has revived the band’s trademark by releasing an acoustic set of Killer Dwarf tracks.

Songs like the classic `Stand Tall’ plus other standards like `Keep The Spirit Alive’, `Look Around’ and `Doesn’t Matter’, all stripped down to basic vocal/acoustic guitar arrangements, are effective and well-presented yet putting a new spin on somewhat obscure material has recognition problems. Graham is a decent vocalist and the CD brings a fresh approach to the material. Yet you do feel the tracks really need a band providing the arrangements. Would be great if the other dwarfs could come out of hibernation and reunited – rather than Graham be forced to go it alone.

Suggested Downloads: Stand Tall, Keep The Spirit Alive

Wireless - Russ Dwarf

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2 thoughts on “Russ Dwarf – Wireless

  1. Johnny Bootleg

    An absolutely incredible album. A new take on some classic tunes and must have for any fan of Canadian rock and roll.
    It makes it all that much better if you are familiar with the originals and you can appreciates all of the nuances of this recording. Glad to see that the artists of yesteryear are still able to crank it today and show the up and coming rockers how it is done. Keep it up!!

    1. Keith Sharp

      Thanks for your comments, please keep reading Music Express for lots more stories on classic rock artists

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