New Faces – A Taste Of Honey

New Faces – A Taste Of Honey



So what do Dan Volj and Francois Bruneau do in their spare time when not performing with Montreal’s The Box? Start their own band of course!
Volj, who plays bass for The Box and Bruneau, who plays guitar, switch instruments for their side project called Atoh with Volj also handling lead vocals. Before you ask, this odd moniker is short for A Taste Of Honey, one of the Beatles’ more obscure cover songs.
Formed in late 2012 by Volj and Bruneau as an outlet for Volj’s own song writing endeavours, the pair solicited friends Max Lalanne (drums) and Martin Bachand (guitars) to complete the unit. A bit more rock oriented than The Box, Atoh have been performing around the Quebec circuit as well as serving as an opening act for The Box, performing in English which can be a tough sell in the Francophone market,

Still the band has just released their first self-titled six-song EP as well as a bonus single, “Heroes” which is a cover tribute to the late David Bowie.



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