6 Foot Ladder
(Quest Records)
A man, his guitar and his iPhone, that’s all Vancouver’s Jim Foster needed to record the 11 tracks featured on his latest minimalistic release 6 Foot Ladder. Foster’s technique of recording songs directly onto his iPhone served him well on his previous release, “A Sailor’s Advice” and works equally well on this collection of bare bones folk and blues tracks. Whether it’s the gospel driven “When You Come into the World”, the folksy “Goin down the Road” or the charming simplicity of the album’s title track, Foster has recognized that you can attain a maximum effect from a minimalist effort. Yes it sounds like a bit of a vanity effort, yet Foster’s none-production, straight-to- track technique, reveals the pure quality of his work and the former frontman for Columbia recording act Fosterchild is an extremely gifted musician. Download: “6 Foot Ladder” “Stunned”

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3 thoughts on “JIM FOSTER

  1. Joseph Blackburn

    Canadian music artist songs are not new to me, but having spent the first 60+ years residing below the 49th parallel I pretty much only knew the songs and not so much the artist behind them. That started changing in 2008 when I began to make an effort to explore living above the 49th parallel, to gain permanent residency. Early on Jim Foster’s life path crossed mine and in a short period of time we became friends. I enjoyed listing to his great guitar work, and in particular his talent of not just being able to play and sing, but to be an entertainer to those who were listening. Playing is one thing, presentation and keeping the listener is another.

    In 2012 I received an email from Jim asking that I make photographs for his then new CD “A Sailor’s Advice”, so we met, discussed concept, location and then created the images for use in the final artwork. Jim’s creative contribution just added to the friendship, having spent years working in New York City as a professional photographer I could see and feel his dedication to producing the best product for his listeners.

    Again, this past summer he called asking that I make photographs for his new CD “Jim Foster, 6 Foot Ladder”. I asked what’s up with the 6 Foot Ladder? He explained the background and texted me a photograph of the 6 Foot Ladder lying on the roof of the shed adjacent his cabin, and I immediately called him and said “I love it”, “but I want to do the shoot on location.” The results are in, the CD is out and the songs there for the world to hear. Throughout the entire creative process, the location shoots and after, Jim again proved to be true to his belief of delivering a great product to his fans, not only in the artistic creative process of the CD, but in the songs recorded on the CD.

    For those in the Vancouver area I hope you’ll get a chance to catch Jim playing live, to hear his amazing guitar work, listen to the depth of his lyrics within the songs he writes. Truly, he is one of Canada’s gifted singer/songwriters.

  2. Dave anderson

    I have had the pleasure of watching Jim Foster perform in Vancouver for about the last 20 years at a variety of venues, both as a solo performer and in the various stellar bands in which he has been involved.
    He is an often brilliant songwriter, an absolutely gifted guitar player and a witty, fun person to be around.
    My suggestion would be to access anything he has recorded, and buy it!
    You will not be disappointed.

  3. A minor quibble, but the link in the review to the band Fosterchild is unfortunately a link to a different band named Fosterchild, and not to be confused with the original Fosterchild fronted by Jim. here’s a taste of the real Fosterchild…

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